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A/C Maintenance Check - $95 for one unit. $40.00 for each additional unit. 

• Check Delta T (temperature differential)
• Inspect high and low voltage wiring
• Inspect evaporator coil
• Inspect and clean outside condenser unit
• Inspect condensate drain
• Inspect outdoor disconnect
• Inspect condenser fan motor & blades
• Inspect compressor at startup
• Inspect air filters and change (customer provided), if needed

• Evaluate overall efficiency of system & inform customer of equipment condition

Heater Maintenance Check - $95 for one unit. $40.00 for each additional unit.

 • Clean heat exchanger and inspect for combustion leaks.
Test for carbon monoxide. 
Clean burners and adjust for maximum efficiency. 
Inspect pilot assembly and thermocouple. 
Clean flame sensor. 
Examine flue and inspect venting system. 
Verify proper inducer motor operation. 
Verify proper induced draft blower motor operation. 
Inspect gas piping and valve. 
Inspect blower assembly operation, lubricate and adjust as necessary. 
Evaluate condition of air filters and other, indoor air quality accessories. 
Safety test all controls for proper operation. 
Calibrate thermostat and confirm proper operation. 
Evaluate the overall efficiency of the system and inform customer of equipment condition.

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